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Da flight queen ;), 5 July 2011
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates , Dubai 36°

Reflections on Asia in Dubai ;)

First and foremost...OMG squared, u gave me more than 9000 clicks on my travelblog lah, hellllllll yeah, thank u no matter if u r a loyal stalker Wink or blog reader, thankkkkkkkkkk u, this is soooooooo freakin aceeeeeee, my blog is only up since October last year lah, sooooooooo excited wooooooooppppiiiiiii THANK UUUUU SOOOOOO MUCH Wink

Back to my travel stories Wink....sittin at the moment at gate 203 at dubai airport and waiting for my flight back to Vienna, 3 more hrs until boarding, seems like an damn eternity Smile

Some time to reflect our chicas tour...first, it was just awesome, cause my Elki was with me. I think u can go to the most rotten place on earth (toilet in a Vietnam train for example Wink) but if ur chica is in with the fun, noooooooo problem. With reference to the countries we have visited, it was a bit a day and night situation. Honestly, Cambodia and Vietnam was really hard for me with taking into account the I am that spoiled shopping princess Wink but really seeing all that poverty was literally heart wrenching and more than just major terrible. On the one hand u get pissed with all the people touching u every 2 seconds and wanna sell u something but on the other hand this is the only thing how they can earn money and what they live of. It sometimes really took my breath away and it was hard to cope with as u have no power to help them. U could already see the difference between Cambodia and vietnam, just through crossing the border....suddenly there were real brick-made houses and so on, more modern but still quite poor. Well and then came Beijing, shanghai and was travelling from year 1900 to 2030 in a time machine...crazy...although Beijing is still quite...mhhhh how can I put that nicely....different Wink millions of people and cars, communist signs all over the place and just enormous, kinda overwhelming, but I guess that is how Beijing is. So it was quite a change to travel to shanghai as this city was again so different....skyscrapers all over the place mixed with this beautiful British colonial buildings, very nice and a very liveable city Wink but my fav came last ...Hongkong....I kinda really do like the city of what I have seen the little time we had...the mixture of this sheer beauty of nature and the city life...just breathtaking and even more liveable than shanghai, cause u have this multiple opportunities of getting a break of the busy city life in just a few minutes...a bit like Singapore...the nature gives u kinda air to be able to breath again and to calm down from the busy streets...bottom line: I loved it Smile)

And of course Singapore..but I guess everyone reading my blog a bit until now, has realised that Singapore is my own little Asian hideaway just feels good and familiar there, love itttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But still all things must come to an end and this is my last blog entry for our chicas Asia tour, which was just the ultimate as always.

Thanks especially to everyone who wrote comments regularly like my voda Smile, ms Jen, ms samira and of course ms heike and Madame Claudia, thank u for that.

It would be great if u could just leave a comment how u liked my blog and if there is anything which is annoying u Smile))) or u love Wink

Well that's it from me for now
Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee u

Da lady AZ

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la voda

5 July 2011

yesss herzilein, alles hot amoi aaa end (bekaunterweis nua de wuascht hot owa zwaaaa).
I think you choosed an itinerary what is not usual all day. cambodia seems to be yet more natural, i believe shanghai was it also anno 1900. today it is a hugde and fast grown town, but you have only to think how they manage all the sewerage. in cambodia they can pee in the near wood or blanket ground, in shanghai at a crossroad?? for menhood all must be higher, faster, bigger and what is in 100 years?? We are not living but our grandchild and greatgrandchild, would it be the same earth as we have lived?? Yesterday Otto Habsburg died, he was 99 years, as he was born in 1912 noboday knew what a pc is, today?? what last year was the latest hit, is today not modern.
In spite of everything, reading your blogs was wonderful and your mum was waiting all day, if i translate her the newest (also a sign of our living, at 1900 was this not believeable, a blog was a picturecard you got 3 oder 4 weeks later and you could read the newest information, today you write something and one click and at the next moment, more than 1000 people can read what you are just feeling)
@laprincess i hope you enjoyed your trip and your old dad is just now glad to be with you in August on journey!!!!
voda und frau muttan, blacktigergrandma, schtäischbochgrandma and all others!!

Ms. Jen

5 July 2011

wow, what am I going to read now that you won't post in a while now? guess we should go on a trip soon... let's see what august, september... and the upcoming months holds in 4 us... Wink naaa chica, it's better to share with you moments in person than reading a blog - can't wait that you're back in a couple of hours...

concerning the quality of your blog: guess any english teacher would get sleepless nights correcting your spelling and wording... but your truly readers just love it, I guess! Wink so keep up the good work - meaning travel your live and share your moments! that's what life is meant for: It's not about the numbers of breath you take but about the moments that take your breath away! (my personal life motto)

@voda: hihihi die translation hätt i gern gehört!!! dafür gibts an römischen anser von mir! Very Happy

la voda

5 July 2011

@ms jen: sou wia ma gewisse lait schäinsaufn kaun, owa i a üwasetzt
owa nixi mit fuatfoan mit lexi in august ai bin draun - madeira on the end of august holidays without mother, nobody will grumble when doooota and teddy will be on tour!!!
chica-tour maybe later, but i think not this year!! at the moment i think dooooota has enafffff!!!

Ms. Jen

5 July 2011

@voda: jojo des waß i eh mit madeira... nixi enaff chicas tour, des joar hot no vü zvü tog (nur mei kontostaund spricht eha dagegen...) oba: sog niemals nie! und wenn's a trip noch nussloch is! *gg*

Ms. Heike

6 July 2011

so weil ich zufaul bin auf englisch zu schreiben, jetzt mal ein post auf deutsch wenns recht is *g*

also die idee von deinem reiseblog find ich einfach super, ma fühlt si schon fast so als wär ma dabei gwesen (wenn i mein kontostand anschau, wor i des a *g*) und findet auch so den einen oder anderen reisetipp... allein schon die mega-unterschiede auf eurer reiseroute sind sehr spannend... und ich finds super das unsere kleine prinzessin das auf sich nimmt... wär ma net sicher ob ich mich das alles so trauen würd... aber macht definitv lust drauf...

als selbst nahezu ständig fernwehkranke beutelt mich zwar meistens der neid, aber ich finds bewundertswert wo du dich überall herumtreibst... wegen deinem doch sehr eigenen stil aka spelling and wording... also ich finds lustig, so is die lexi, so kenn ma si und das ganze macht den blog gleich viel persönlicher... i like!

so i hoff für dich dast jetzt no a bissal zeit hast dich von der reise zu erholen bevorst wieder arbeiten musst und ich bin bei der nächsten reise, zumindest als loyal stalker äähm loyal blogreader, sicher dabei! ABER i hoff es geht si mal aus das ma zumindest auf an kaffee gehn bevorst wieder "in see stichst"...

@Ms. Jen: really love your personal life motto!


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