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AZ in IB, 30 April 2011
Turkey Turkey , Istanbul 18°

5 Apple teas and 6 bags later - Part II

woooooooppp woooooppp, here comes Part II of our fab chicas tour to beautiful Istanbul...and let me tell you Part II is even bettttter then the first one....the key to success is Apple Tea...=))

Day 2, April 23, 2011

Headlines: National Sovereignty and Children's Day woooooooppp but Ms. Jen et moi had our very own special mission for this special day...Grand Bazaar & Bargaining =)))

So in the morning after the delicious breakfast we headed straight to Grand Bazaar to dig into the world of fake bags, T-Shirts, jewelry...bottom line: fake everything =))) If the Chinese havent tried yet to fake a thing, guess the Turkish have already done it =)

Well after running without a single bit of orientation through the majestic halls of the Grand Bazaar in early morning and lots of offers: Lady, gutes Gold, schne Taschen...jap they basically speak all damn German, so no discussin in front of them in German about the price.

After some searchin and asking some of the security guys there (2nd alley left, then right, then 3rd left...okkkk =)) we finally found parts of the form of baaaaaaaagssssssss...LV, Prada, Miu Miu, Mulberry, extreme wooop wooooop you name them all lah =) The smell of a mixture of plastic and some parts leather lah in the early morning...roaaaaaaarrrr =) Sex with handles and zippers lah =))))))

well and guess we were quite good in bargaining...early morning discount, first customer discount and most important of all...Apple Tea, we sit a while with you discount...loooooovvvin it =) ohhhhhhh boy we drank apple tea by apple tea, we bought bag by bag, t-shirt by t-shirt and ooooooohhhh boy jewelry and we bargained like made and let me tell you something it was just acccccceeeee, awesome, fab .... in our opinion we made pretty ace deals but guess in the light of the sellers the made the acer deal lah =)) but who cares...but guess the true adrenaline kick was still waiting for us when bringing our ace new stuff through customs at the airport =) hihihihih yeah yeahhhhhhhh

Guess our shopping mayhem already made the rounds through the Bazaar cause people already started recognizing us lah...the crazy Austrians =) mainly men recognized us =))))...well my credit card was more then happy that we finally left the Grand Bazaar after about 5 hours and our stomachs were roarinnnnngggg...when the shopping adrenaline is gone you have to start eating =)...we found a pretty good Kebab dealer in front of the bazaar and boy, was that gooooooodddddd...bags over shopping bags on the left and right side and we in the center of paradise =)))

Well after Grand Bazaar we brought our precious goods to the hotel and hit the streets of Istiklal road again, just to go window shopping...yeah right...basically shopping continued here and there I finally good my much anticipated French Connection dress which the stupid bastard didnt give to me the previous day for the price I wanted, but there was a younger guy there the second time so kaaaaaaawwwoooommmm...ladies charm...1, 2, 3, and it belonged to me =)

In the evening, with hurting feet and again roaring stomachs we hit the Falafel men and totally raided him...Falafal, Humus, Tabouleh.....yummmmy yummmy yummy I got Falafel in my tummy, soooooooooooooo good!!!!!

Let me tell you I slept like a babe that night, those nice presents the Turkish Fake Easter Bunny brought us this day =))))

and then the final day came up....

Day 3, April 24, 2011

we decided to take our last full day very slowly and relaxed and guess what...we went to the self proclaimed "Biggest Shopping Mall in Europe"...bottom line...we have seen nice and basically also bigger once, but at least we had to see but they had a Charles & Keith, soooooooo ace, so we got some nice shoes =)))...needed something to go with those ace bags =) they kinda feel alone without matching shoes to it =)

After that we went to the Galata Bridge, in a totally full packed train, where we were standing with our heads glued to the glass windows...literally lah and luck was also on our side, as the exit to our station was exactly on the other side of the train, so we had to kickbox through the nice Turkish guys, who didnt move a fucking bit lahhhhhhhhhhh....roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

The atmoshphere round the bridge is just awesome and unique...the views of all the mosques, the fishermen, the crowds running round busily...fantastic. But we still had one place to go to with regards to great least according to our guide =) 360 Bar at Istiklal, with so said ace views of the area...well it was pretty neat but I guess it would have been even more awesome when there would have been a bit of rain and collllllld wind =) but still we enjoyed every single minute.

well and then our alarm clocks were set to 4:00 AM, cause our flight back to Vienna was waiting for us =(((((((((

Bottom line....Istanbul is just utterly fantastic, the atmosphere, the vibe...everything. Still if you want to indulge in the beauty of all the mosques, you should go there when there are no holidays and during the week, as it might be that you have to queue up to 2 hours in front of each single monuments. Sadly we werent able to do the Bosporus cruise due to the very cold weather, but this is another must do on my next trip to Istanbul.

Hope you enjoyed reading our stories from IB,

My blog already hit the 5000 mark, thank you sooooooooooo much to all my loyal readers,

loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuu all,

Next destination: Thailand =)

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