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Da Disney Princess of HK :), 2 July 2011
Hong Kong Hong Kong , Hong Kong 33°

Auntie Elki, can we go to Disneyland HK? please...

.... Hallo I geh fix net mir dir ins Disneyland in Hongkong (O Ton Ms Elki Smile)) schade eigentlich Smile

but movin on in English Smile) basically the above meant that my Ms Elki didnt wanna go with me to Disneyland Resort in lah Hongkong...hmmmm dont know why lah Smile)))))

well today was our last day in HK and tomorrow at 4 in the morning Ms. Elki is heading to the airport to get her flight to Beijing and hopefully also getting her transfer flight to NY et moi is moving on for one more day to Singapore...ladies and gentlemen, I havent seen a fashion store from the inside for freaking 3 weeks, I honestly swear, but in Singapore....ready, set, goooooo credit card goooooooooo...this is my treat to my kind self Smile nice hotel and some major shopping hopefully , wooooottt wooootttt Smile))

HK is just awesome I would say...from the three cities we visited outside of Cambodia and Vietnam, HK is definitely my fav one, cause it is so diverse and the nature surroundings are just so nice and give u a great chance of getting a quick break from the hectic busy life on the streets of HK. We went on the Victoria Peak and the nature up there is really really fantastic, we took a walk round the Peak and you feel like being in the middle of the tropical rain jungle and not somewhere in the middle of HK. And the best with the Peak..there is a freakin Bubba Gump Restaurant, yihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha, Elki et moi took the chance twice to eat there and it was just deliciousSmile sorry Asian food but this beats u in milessssssssssssss Smile

What we basically did to get most of all HK with little time, we got on a bus of the Big Bus company for two days and did we also had the chance to see other parts of HK Island and also of the New Territories..beaches, city streets, everything...fantastic...

We also did a nightour to indulge in the amazing lit pics ever.

well, well our chicas tour is really over, oh no that word is really bad ;((, and tomorrow I am heading to Singapore and then on Tuesday back to Vienna.
Really looking forward to see all of you guys again cause I missed u loads.

Next destination: August 26-31, 2011 Madeira, Portugal with lah daddy Smile))

Thank you once again to all my loyal readers, it is just ace to see how many people take a look at my blog, thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk uuuuu, I bow to you, literally

Da Bubba Gump Princess *yummmmyyy*

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